Cardiac Intervention from a Patient's Perspective

I know from personal experience how scary the thought of having Cardioversion or Open-heart Surgery can be. I also know how little information is available on what these things mean from a patient's perspective; i.e. what it's like from the vantage point of someone who's been through it. It is my hope, by sharing my experiences here, that I can help others avoid some of the fear, anxiety and pitfalls I suffered through over the past several years. Please feel free to Email me should you have any specific questions, concerns or comments about the site.

Update: 18-Jan-2012

Did you know you can do your own Protime (INR) testing at home, rather than going to your doctor's office or a medical lab? I've been doing it for years and you may be able to as well. I'm putting together some information on the service I use and should have it up on the site soon.

Update: 09-Nov-2011

• My current state of health (an update): To my great amazement, Emails keep coming in from fellow cardiac patients, or the loved ones of cardiac patients, commenting about this site, telling me how much it has helped them, and relaying their own personal experience with problems and procedures talked about here. Many of these Emails have also expressed concern about my state of health and offered words of encouragement.  I don't have words to express how happy this has made me. On that note, to see what has been happening to me health wise and for information on some of my related activities, observations, etc., click here or on the  'What's New?' button at the bottom of any page.

• SFO Medical Model PC-80B Portable ECG: I have receceived several inquires lately regarding the 'EKGwatch Cardiac Monitor I used to sell. The key component, the Medisana Cardiocheck was pulled from the U.S. market several years ago. I closed my business soon thereafter. For those in the market for an EKG (ECG) monitor.for personsal use I recommend the PC-80B. It is what I currently use. I tried several different EKG monitors now on the market, some costing twice as much as the PC-80B, but still prefer this one. Click here or on the 'My Equipment' button at the bottom of the page for additional information.


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