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What's been happening to me, health wise

(Updated 11-Dec-2011)


I'm currently in AFib and will probably remain this way for the duration. Why, after all the preaching on this website about Cardioversion? Well... the long and short of it is, I've had 5 or 6 Cardioversions to date, but keep slipping back to AFib? Why? Most likely because I waited so long (about a year) before having my first Cardioversion (more about that here). This resulted in my heart becoming enlarged. This plus the fact that the longer you are in AFib, the greater the likelihood you'll that you'll keep slipping back into AFib after converting. [In case you are missing the underlying theme here... just because I have resigned myself to a life of AFib, should not be a rationalization for you to remain in AFib (i.e. an excuse for not having a needed Cardioversion). Quite the contrary... if you want to avoid doing permanent, irreversible damage to your heart as I did, have the Cardioversion A.S.A.P.]

FYI, before making the decision to remain in AFib I talked to an electrocardiologist about my options. He said usually recommends Radio Frequency Ablation (Microwave Ablation), but in my case, it may not work. He said their was a 10% chance it could make things worse, and a 40% chance it simply wouldn't work. I decided it just wasn't worth the risk, and opted to stay in AFib. I must take Warfarin , (anticoagulant) to prevent blood clots from forming which could result in a stroke, and must be tested (INR or Prothombin Time testing) periodically to insure the dosage is correct (too little and clots can form, too much and there is the danger of internal bleeding). There is a new medication called Pradaxa that doesn't require INR testing and is supposed to be more effective than Warfarin in preventing strokes, but, being new there isn't a generic form of it yet. Unlikely Medicare will cover it , and too expensive for me to pay out-of-pocket, so I'll continue taking Warfarin and hope for the best.

Well, that's about it for now. I'll post again should anything change.



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